This site is in part a tribute to my father who operated a barbershop for more than 40 years in the small town where I grew up.  Yes, the shop was really on Main Street!  My father was an individualist with high standards and absolute integrity.  He was part of what Tom Brokaw called  "The Greatest Generation."   That is a label well-deserved, but I would have to say the title really belongs to the generation of the Founders of the United States of America, who established for the first time a nation where the individual has supremacy over the state.  To say my father and I are individualists is to say we are Americans in the truest sense.

Sadly, the country has been gradually drifting back to the supremacy of the state.  Though interrupted by Ronald Reagan, the drift has now turned into a mad rush into statism.  The Democratic leaders in Congress and the President have no respect for the Constitution or the principles of the Founders.  My ancestors were here before the Revolution, many witnessed it, and a few fought in it.  Were they alive today, Joshua Horn, William Rhodes, and their countrymen in Captain Williams' Company would be grabbing their muskets and heading for Washington.  It is that bad.

I am only one man, but I think there are many out there like me.  Love of the principles of my country drive me to do something.  I hope the spirit of my father and the men of Capt. Williams' Company will be with me.                             

     Gary H. Horne                                   


         (For more on Leonard Horne, see Essay #1)

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